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Women Leaders

What Clients Are Saying. . . 

"I am deeply grateful to have the opportunity to work with Barbara. I believe her coaching has equipped me with the skills to be a more effective leader; it has indeed been transformational. Her concept of 'participant observer' has helped transform how I behave in meetings and interact with colleagues. In fact, the changes have not gone unnoticed by my colleagues. One recently mentioned that it was 'inspiring.'" (System Vice President)

"Thank you for your coaching advice during a very difficult year. I am still here-and standing tall due to your expert advice and guidance"

Coaching for Performance: Women Leaders


Customized one-on-one experience created especially for Women Leaders.


Leadership California


Dr. Kaufman is a member of Leadership California's Executive Advisory Council. Dr. Kaufman has spoken at Leadership California conferences on topics such as "Unleashing Your Leadership Potential: How Understanding Your Values Can Transform Your Leadership Opportunities" as well as developing leadership style flexibility.  

CLICK HERE to visit the Leadership California Website.                  


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