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Dr. Gretchen M. Bataille 

ROI Strategic Partner

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Selected Consulting Engagements

  • TIAA-CREF Higher Education Leadership Conference, NYC 

  • Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs

  • National Task Force on Institutional Accreditation, American Council on Education

  • Western Association of Colleges and Schools, Chair, Accreditation Team, University of California, Riverside

  • Iowa State University, Ethnic Studies Review

  • Utah State University, Institutional Review

  • Florida State University System Deans Conference

  • University of Colorado Department of Ethnic Studies Review

  • University of Missouri Department of English Review

  • Association of Departments of English, Modern Language Association, New Chair Orientation

  • California State University San Marcos -- Student Affairs Division

  • Georgia State University -- School of Nursing and Health Professions

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