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Retreat Facilitation and 

Board Development

for Campus, Non-Profit Boards or Foundations

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Overview of ROI Board Development Process


We customize each board development process to meet client needs and reach desired outcomes. Our board development process typically includes the following elements:

  • In-depth interview with president and board chair to solicit feedback regarding the challenges and opportunities on the horizon, history of board culture, relationship between the president and the board, the degree to which there is a need to set or reset expectations, and desired outcomes for the board development retreat.

  • Development of a customized pre-retreat interview protocol used to solicit board member feedback on a series of board development issues and to assess board member strengths and interests.

  • Development of the report agenda and materials, informed by the interviews with the president, chair and board members. Issues that may surface during interviews can be effectively addressed before, during and after the retreat.

  • The draft retreat agenda is reviewed with the president and board chair. 
    CLICK HERE for sample agendas

  • Critical retreat topics are agreed upon. In the case of a newly formed board, we cover basic board roles and responsibilities and related topics.

  • We provide formal documentation of all retreat outcomes, agreements and follow-up recommendations.

  • We review retreat documentation and recommendations with the president and board chair.

  • If board or presidential follow-up activities are appropriate, such activities are agreed to and calendared.

  • If appropriate, we assist the president and/or board chair in monitoring board effectiveness.

  • Annual board self-assessments and retreats are recommended to continue the board development process and to orient new members.


Non-Profit Boards


ROI Services for non-profit boards include customized research-based seminars, retreats, leadership coaching and speaking engagements related to the following:

Ensuring Effective Board Performance

  • Customized Board Self-assessment

  • Succession Planning

  • Effective Board Orientation

  • Leveraging Board Diversity

  • Managing Renegade Board Members

  • Effective Relationship Repair

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What clients are saying...

"Thank you for a fabulous retreat today.  Your thorough preparation and thoughtful approach moving my agenda forward is invaluable to me."
(CEO Non Profit)

"...trustees and staff want to thank you for an excellent job in running our trustee retreat. It was well orchestrated, executed and most important, we very much got the results we wanted. I particularly liked the order in which you organized the meeting..." 
(CEO of Educational Non Profit)


To learn more about this service, please email Dr. Kaufman at or call 760.324.3271 

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