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Change Initiatives

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Dr Kaufman facilitates retreats and working sessions for chancellors, presidents and other senior administrators who want to bring the full force of a team of change agents to their change initiative challenges.  The key skills that are often required of a change agent include:

  1. The ability to craft and communicate a compelling vision of the future and utilize strong storytelling skills to inspire the campus community to achieve buy-in especially in a post-pandemic environment with changing employee expectations.

  2. The capacity to utilize a collaborative style to connect to diverse constituent groups and gain buy-in through a process of campus involvement.

  3. Interpersonal savvy that results in an understanding of the impact of change on people and situations and determines how to address resistance to change and achieve buy-in.

  4. The capacity to understand how to create effective leadership teams, whose members will also serve as change agents who speak with one voice to effectively communicate key messages about the necessity and benefits to the university that change initiatives can achieve.

  5. The ability to create an effective strategic communication plan.

  6. The willingness to speak truth to power so that all of the issues related to change are on the table.


Article Links

"Collaboration at the Heart of Successful Change initiatives" Academic Leader (2012)
"Speaking Truth to Power" Leadership Excellence (2011)

To learn more about this service, please email Dr. Kaufman at or call her at 760.324.3271 

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