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Executive Coaching

for Senior

Administrative Leaders

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Seeking the advice of an executive coach is becoming increasingly common in educational and nonprofit institutions across America. After all, professional athletes have coaches, so why not university administrative leaders? Today's administrative leaders, working in an unprecedented post-pandemic era, are under relentless pressure to successfully lead their institutions in innovative ways, despite scaled back funding and scarce resources. Providing leadership development opportunities for valuable leaders who have derailed in some aspect of their performance is an essential development tool. While coaching is not a magic wand or an instant makeover, the skilled advice and counsel of an executive coach can help maximize individual and team strengths and decrease the probability of turnover at the leadership level. 

For 30 years, ROI Consulting Group has specialized in helping administrative leaders achieve new levels of leadership effectiveness.

                                     Delivering Coaching Outcomes

What clients are saying . . .  

"These working sessions are the only time I have to step back and think strategically about my leadership effectiveness."  (President)

"This process has been invaluable in identifying ways to re-frame issues and to address team needs more effectively."  (President)

"Thank you again for your superb facilitation, advice, coaching and comrade with our team." (President)

"It has been a distinct pleasure working with you, learning from you, feeling your support and trust.  And more importantly, it has shaped the kind of partner and provost I mean to be in this position, and how I believe I am perceived.  I am forever in your debt and somehow I don't mind. . . ."  (System Provost)

"You provide hard-hitting feedback in compelling ways, so that your client listens!"  (Provost)

"I am a better person and leader because of your help and guidance." (System Vice President)

"Yesterday I had one of the final coaching sessions with Barbara.  I wanted to let you know how much I have learned from her and how much she has helped me make some very significant changes in my behavior.  Her concept of "participant-observer" has helped me transform how I behave in meetings and interact with my colleagues.  I have become a much better listener.  Through conversations about "peripheral vision,"  I am now much more cognizant of how others behave/react... I have been able to take a "step back" and empower others more."  (Vice President)


"I will always be indebted to you for your help.  I would have resigned months ago had it not been for your expert advice and guidance.  Thanks so much."  (Vice President)

"If I am going to take advice from someone, it has to be a person who has been there and done that.  I want a practical, hands-on perspective - not a text book theory."  (General Manager)


"Your advice, guidance and support has made a profound difference in my professional and personal life, my work here easier and my future not so daunting."  (Chief of Staff)

"I can't begin to express my gratitude to you.  Your work with me is paying off.  Thanks for giving me pride and dignity in myself while making me a better leader and listener." (Dean)


"Thank you for your direction and support.  Your push to preambles, your push to communicate effectively, your push to bring people together is greatly celebrated by me.  I think about your impact on my professional development and again I say thank you."  (Dean)

"I'm proud of myself.  It was a difficult year, but a big learning experience.  With your guidance, I was able to accomplish so much more than I thought possible."  (Dean)

Dr. Kaufman believes that coaches can only add value when their interventions are based on a thorough understanding of the institutional culture and work environment as well as institutional and individual needs and values.  Together, the client and Dr. Kaufman then build a clear sense of desired outcomes from the coaching intervention and accountability for sustained behavioral changes.  She has invested thirty years as an executive, organizational development consultant, executive coach and educator.  Her practical and creative guidance is grounded in an outcome-based approach to leadership development.

          Proven Protocol for Assessment and Behavior Changes

What clients are saying...   


"The tools provided by an experienced executive coach allow you to assess the situation in a different way and see more clearly how we work and communicate.  She helps you understand the dynamics of the situation and what patterns and behaviors need to be changed or improved."  (Executive Director)

Barbara Kaufman custom designs coaching assessment and development tools to meet individual and institutional needs.  Her experience has shown that it takes a structured coaching approach to facilitate behavioral changes that are sustained over time.

Trust In Confidentiality and Sensitivity to Cultural Roadblocks

What clients are saying... 


"An effective executive coach must be able to open the most sensitive issues in ways that folks can address them.  She must be blunt and honest and tell you what you don't want to hear, but do it in a way that helps you confront and solve the problems, not feel attacked."  (President)

Dr. Barbara Kaufman has earned a reputation for adhering to strict rules of confidentiality to ensure that each executive has the opportunity to grapple with sensitive issues in an environment that fosters new levels of insight and self-awareness.

To learn more about this service, please email Dr. Kaufman at or call her at 760.324.3271 

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