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Performance Review


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No CEO, president or chancellor should be surprised to find that a board is unhappy with his or her performance. Yet, without a comprehensive performance review process, all too often feedback comes too late for the leader to make a course correction. Instead, the leader’s performance derails, the board or CEO is unhappy and relationships are damaged beyond repair. At significant cost, another cycle of searching for the “right leadership fit” begins, scarce resources are used and the institution experiences a leadership upheaval and a period of instability.

Formal comprehensive reviews are a strategic imperative, not an optional “feel good event.” Dr. Kaufman brings to the table 30 years of experience in developing performance criteria, assessing leadership performance and helping executives better understand their strengths, development needs and necessary course corrections.

Overview of Comprehensive Review Process for Senior Leadership 


Dr. Kaufman . . .
  Reviews self-assessment and background documents
  Develops customized criteria and interview protocol
  Provides an overview of the process to client and interviewees
  Interviews a sample of key constituents

Dr. Kaufman . . .
  Develops an executive feedback summary, customized recommendations and materials
  Reviews executive summary with leader in a face-to-face meeting
  Assists leader with developing strategies to address feedback
  Facilitates meeting with individual leader and the board or CEO to review feedback
  Coaches on a periodic basis
  Provides follow-up coaching with the leader, and periodic updates to the board or CEO 


(Optional) team retreats and coaching offered.

To learn more about this service, please email Dr. Kaufman at or call her at 760.324.3271 

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