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Campus Readiness Assessments

to Support Newly Appointed Senior Administrators

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Eager to make their mark, newly appointed leaders often don't take the time to appraise their new environment before they leap into action. They attempt to engage their teams or cabinets without really knowing individual or collective strengths and weaknesses. They plow ahead with change initiatives without assessing the institution's readiness for change. Relying on what has worked for them in the past, they step on political landmines or overlook significant differences in unwritten norms and decision-making processes between the new organization's culture and their previous institution.

Dr. Kaufman helps new leaders appraise what is different about their new environment and role, so they can leave their comfort zones and move ahead with confidence. Leaders learn to develop new strategies that will contribute to greater effectiveness in their new roles, institutions and communities.

Areas Addressed by Dr. Kaufman in the Readiness Assessment May Include:

  • Degree of shared understanding of mission, vision and values

  • Senior leadership style assessments

  • Institutional readiness for change

  • Unwritten institutional norms

  • Decision-making process and practices

  • Organizational culture and subcultures

  • External community perceptions

  • Performance management practices

  • Talent management

To learn more about this service, please email Dr. Kaufman at or call her at 760.324.3271 

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