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Leadership Effectiveness
Through Individual
Leaders and Senior Teams

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For 30 years, ROI Consulting Group, has offered leaders pragmatic advice and distinctive action-oriented solutions to leadership and organizational development challenges.  Our particular emphasis is on providing advice and counsel to leaders in higher education and the non-profit sector.  

We offer leadership effectiveness services such as executive coaching, on-boarding advice, leadership assessment, retreat facilitation and comprehensive performance reviews for senior administrators as well as board development services.

​Our high-value customized programs and services help senior leaders and their team optimize their individual and team effectiveness in ways that contribute to achieving institutional goals.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Thank you for your great work.  I have appreciated your support, good advice and excellent consultation on all of the great retreats you have led with my teams.  Your work has aided me in my presidency so much and I am very grateful." (Campus President)

"These working sessions are the only time I have to step back and think strategically about my leadership effectiveness."  (President)

"I have never seen such a thoughtful, comprehensive and actionable documentation from a retreat.  Thank you for moving our agenda forward!" (President)


"Thank you again for your superb facilitation, advice, coaching and comrade with our team." (President)

"This process has been invaluable in identifying ways to re-frame issues and to address team needs more effectively."  (President)

"It has been a distinct pleasure working with you, learning from you, feeling your support and trust.  And more importantly, it has shaped the kind of partner and provost I mean to be in this position, and how I believe I am perceived.  I am forever in your debt and somehow I don't mind. . . ."  (System Provost)

"You have a special quality of strength and moral conviction embedded in your presence.  When you begin to speak and listen, individuals begin to think less like individuals and more like a team with shared responsibilities for collective results." (Provost)


"I am a better person and leader because of your help and guidance." (System Vice President)

"I will always be indebted to you for your help. I would have resigned months ago had it not been for your expert advice and guidance. Thanks so much." (Vice President)

"Everyone is aware of the quality of your work and that is why you are in such demand.  I called early in the hopes you are willing to take on another comprehensive review for the president." (Chief of Staff to Chancellor)

"I can't begin to express my gratitude to you.  Your work with me is paying off.  Thanks for giving me pride and dignity in myself while making me a better leader and listener." (Dean)

"Thank you again for providing me with the necessary tools to address this crisis.  Because of the things that we worked on together I was able to communicate in a timely and efficient manner and as a result garnered praise from the faculty, staff, and other administrators."  (Dean)

"Thank you for your direction and support.  Your push to preambles, your push to communicate effectively, your push to bring people together is greatly celebrated by me.  I think about your impact on my professional development and again I say thank you."  (Dean)

"I'm proud of myself. It was a difficult year, but a big learning experience. With your guidance, I was able to accomplish so much more than I thought possible."

Executive Coaching

Seeking the advice of an executive coach is becoming increasingly common in educational and nonprofit institutions across America. After all, professional athletes have coaches, so why not university administrative leaders? Today's administrative leaders are working in an unprecedented era of post-COVID changing employee expectations, and relentless pressure to successfully lead their institutions despite scaled back funding and scarce resources. Providing leadership development opportunities for valuable leaders who are seeking strategies to upgrade their administrative savvy and performance is an essential critical success factor.

Among Our Clients

  • The California State University – Office of the Chancellor and campuses

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • LA County Natural History Museum – President and senior leadership team  

  • University of California System and campuses

  • University of North Carolina System – President, campus leadership and board

  • University of Texas System and campuses

  • University of Houston campuses

  • University of Nebraska System (President, senior leadership team, board, as well as the flagship at Lincoln, the medical center and other campuses)

  • Northwestern University

  • University of Tennessee – Knoxville

  • Scripps Women’s College

  • RTI International

  • Yale University

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